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A few months back, I solicited the leader of a local book club to gauge her interest in having the club read my newest book, The Boat. Suspicious, she decided to check me out, unknown to me at the time.

A couple of weeks ago, I did a book presentation at a local library, invited to speak by this same person. After my presentation, she told the story of how she had surreptitiously checked me out.

I came across your book because you had sent me a message on my Young Adult Book discussion meetup page asking if we would be interested in reading your book, The Boat. Before I replied, I wanted to check out your work, so I googled you and looked in the library system to see if there were any books available. Tinley Park had a copy of Little Heathens, and so I put it on hold.

When I got it I was in the middle of reading another book, so I put it in my bag for later. I went to the DMV with my boyfriend and continued reading my book as we knew we’d be there for a long time. He complained and asked what he was going to do because he was bored, so I took Little Heathens out of my bag and told him he could read that.

After about 10 minutes he begins to laugh out loud, so loudly, everyone in the DMV is staring at us. I asked what he was laughing at, and he said, “This book is hilarious.” He finished it that night and then I read it the next day, and after I was done I had my dad read it, as he grew up in the same era, and like my boyfriend and I, he also read it without putting it down. 

Now, we all know about the DMV; a perfect example of government inefficiency on full display. So, if for some reason you have to go to the DMV, take a copy of Little Heathens along and entertain not only yourself, but those waiting alongside you.

Here’s a link, in order to be prepared ahead of time.