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Writer's Inspiration

Where have I been? Well, I haven’t been on my blog in quite some time. Seems as if I’ve been busy. Writing yes, but not on my blog. After sending my manuscript to an editor for review, I received it back and now I’ve gone to work.

The Boat (the first of three different titles I’ve toyed with) is my first fiction. It’s a coming of age suspense featuring three teens, Alec, Jason, and Robbie. During the process of writing the story, I’ve probably read and re-read it twenty times. Each time I think I’m finished, I go through it again. The story is so engaging I find it very difficult to edit. It’s also hard to be objective when I get caught up in the characters and plot line. And not just once, every time. I actually like these guys.

While the manuscript was with the editor, I also had a number of Beta Readers read the story and give me feedback. Their feedback was overwhelmingly positive. They also became attached to the characters and hated to see the end as I had written it. And so, based on their feedback and that of the editor, I’m doing rewrites. And the story keeps getting better.

Here’s a teaser in the form of something you might read on the back of the book:

How far can someone be pushed before they’ve had enough and push back?

Alec Thornton is fifteen when he shares his dream of building a sailboat with his best friends, Robbie and Jason. They enthusiastically sign on to help. But when the Winston brothers indiscriminately harass and terrorize the boys, they strike back and the conflict escalates.

Their lives become even more complicated when Robbie and Jason discover that Alec sells drugs for the father of the two bullies. And the harassment is relentless.

Alec plans the ultimate payback when the barn that houses his boat is set on fire. On the night he and his friends exact their revenge, events take a dark turn.

How will the boys end the conflict and how many relationships will be ruined along the way? And in fulfilling his lifelong dream, what price will Alec have to pay when vengeance comes around?

The next step is to finish the rewrites, have a couple of trusted advisers read the final manuscript and then make a big decision. Will I seek a publisher or will I self publish? That my friends is the question that is still unanswered.

One way or another, The Boat will soon be available for your consumption.

I can hardly wait to read it again. In paperback.