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Ravishing Ronald and The Crusher

I was recently pondering the upcoming 2016 election, and a Bugs Bunny cartoon came to mind and seems to present me with what I see as an apt analogy for this particular political contest. The cartoon is titled, “Bunny Hugged”. The World’s Heavyweight Wrestling Championship pits the champion, The Crusher, against the challenger, Ravishing Ronald. Ronald’s mascot, Bugs Bunny, presumably comes along for the ride.

In my analogy, the Democrat Party, the media, and pop culture all combine in the person of The Crusher. Huge, angry, mean, and merciless, The Crusher seems unbeatable. The challenger, the Republican Party, is played by Ravishing Ronald. As Ronald enters the ring, it is clear that he is all show and no substance. Even though he looks sexy in his skimpy wrestling outfit, he is no match for The Crusher and within seconds of the opening bell, is quickly dispatched. Seeing that his meal ticket is in jeopardy, Bugs figures he needs to step in and take things into his own hands or he’s out on the street. In my analogy, Bugs is representative of Donald Trump. Bugs is a brash, sharp-tongued, wise guy, and even though he should be, is unafraid of his terrifying opponent. At first, as expected, The Crusher crushes Bugs, but not to be deterred, Bugs eventually comes up with a “stragety” and outsmarts and defeats his not so bright opponent. I’ll leave it to you to watch the video, here, and see for yourself if my analogy rings a bell. By the way, there is another Bugs cartoon that features the Dem’s front-runner; it’s titled, “Witch Hazel’s Vanity”. The cackling is eerily familiar.