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Demons whispering

At the outer edge of darkness are two characters who have been banished to isolation because of poor performance in their duties. Their names are Bultan and Lusulfur, and on this particular day they are sitting idle in their workshop; bored, with nothing to do and plenty of time on their hands. Bultan comes up with what he thinks is a brilliant idea. Breaking the boredom and silence, Bultan says, “I think we should have guardian angels too. If they have them, then why don’t we?”

“What are you talking about Bultan? Why would we want guardian angels? We have nothing to do with or have anything in common with angels.”

“I don’t mean we should have actual angels, but something similar; to counteract the guardian angels. When the angels whisper something good into the ear of their human beneficiary, doesn’t there need to be a voice for our side whispering in the other ear?”

Indicating his complacency, Lusulfur says, “We don’t need angels for that. We already enjoy plenty of influence throughout the entire earth. Our voices are heard inside the prisons, in the corporate boardrooms, in the political meeting halls, the union halls, the classrooms, on the city streets; hell, our voices are even heard inside the churches.”

Bultan is quiet for a moment. He can see that Lusulfur has a good point. After much thought he says, “But wouldn’t it be cool if each of us had a specific human we were assigned to? Some of the more experienced of us could be assigned more than one, but that way we could be more focused on our task.”

“You have a good point Bultan. But what is our task anyway? The message coming from the top is often times ambiguous and confusing by the time it reaches us.”

Bultan stands up and with hand on his heart repeats, “My assignment is to do everything in my power to confuse, distort, mislead, entice, and corrupt all humans so that they will ignore their true purpose, and instead do the bidding of my master; The Prince of the Power of the Air.”

Lusulfur stands and begins pacing back and forth. He waves his arms in a sweeping gesture and says, “Look around you. Isn’t that what we’re doing? From what I can see, we’re winning this battle. Humans are as corrupted now as they’ve ever been. What more can we do?”

“Guardian angels.”

“C’mon Bultan. Not with the angels again.”

“I’m serious. If each of us could be there every time one of the human’s guardian angels gave them an idea to do something good, we could counter that with some of our best lies. Here, let me explain what I mean. Let’s say a man has gone on a business trip and after a boring, all day meeting he ends up at the hotel bar and there he encounters a pretty woman sitting alone and having drinks. The idea of cheating on his wife has already been planted in his brain after centuries of our hard work and propaganda and you might think that’s enough. But then imagine his guardian angel whispering in his ear the truth; that giving in to his lust could ruin his marriage and cost him his job and that he should turn away and go back to his room as fast as he can run. At this point, it’s a crap shoot which way he will go. Don’t you think we need an advantage; some sort of secret weapon to push him over the edge? If the man wavers, boom; there we are to pour on the lies. We tell him how good it will feel and how much fun he’ll have. We tell him his wife will never find out. We tell him that everyone else is doing it. We tell him every lie in the book. Don’t you think by following this strategy we can not only win the battle, but maybe the entire war?”

Lusulfur stops pacing, puts one hand to his chin and says, “You know something Bultan, I’m surprised, but you’ve come up with a good one. If you take this idea to one of our superiors, we might get out of this hell hole and back into the mainstream. We’ve been banished to the outer edges of the dark domain for too long. I think you should take our idea all the way to the top. Go ahead, you can do it. What could possibly go wrong? Where could they banish us that would be worse than this place?”

As Bultan walks away he mutters, “Our idea? Ha, this is my idea. And I notice you’re not coming with me.”

Bultan hasn’t been gone very long when Lusulfur sees his partner walking slowly toward him. The look on his face tells him all he needs to know; but he asks anyway, “How did it go? Did they like your idea?”

Bultan’s shoulders are sagging and so is his countenance. “They laughed at me…”

Lusulfur chuckles, “As if that has never happened before.”

Bultan gives Lusulfur a look and then continues, “They said my idea wasn’t new at all. They said they had been testing my theory for over a year and are very happy with the results. I guess it’s a small consolation to know that at least my idea is working.” Bultan sits down and puts his head in his hands. “We’ll never get out of this place now.”

“I should have known better than to think that you had come up with a new idea. Maybe in a few thousand years you’ll come up with another one; only one that works. By the way, where are they testing your theory? I’ve seen no evidence of it being used out here.”

Bultan looks up at Lusulfur. “They said it was in some sector on the other side of the earth. If I recall, I think they said it was in America…I’m pretty sure that’s the name they used.”