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scottish whisky

As I was doing research for the book I’m currently writing, I found that whiskey spelled with an additional vowel in America, is spelled whisky in the Gaelic countries from whence it originated. I also found out the definition of the word in Scottish Gaelic is literally, “water of life”. Upon my discovery I sent this text to a friend:

“The term whisky, spelled whiskey in America, means “water of life”. I’m sure the American Indian would have something to say about that.”

The response from my friend was, “they gave tobacco as a revenge”.

My response back was: “You bet. Tit for tat and everybody is screwed.” 

He sent a chuckle back. I then commented, “I’m thinking that the Indian definition of whiskey might more resemble, ‘Foul water that make man want to climb tree and howl like wolf at moon.'”

His final response was, “You speak Cherokee?”