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I don’t watch near as much television as I used to, preferring instead to spend more quality time reading and writing. It seems that television has become a Petri dish for Hollywood to perpetuate the favored social transformations of the progressive left. One that I’ve noticed on just about every action show is the myth of the tough female action hero who can kick the rear of any number of bad guys. When danger comes, she is the first to grab her trusty sidearm and aggressively run to the danger in front of her. The male co-lead is usually weak and passive, but definitely sensitive, (and he has nice hair) and more than willing to let the heroine take on any and all comers. By the time he enters the fray there is nothing left to do; bodies stacked all over the ground. (On a recent NCIS for example, the new member of the team, the petite, can’t weigh more than 90 pounds sopping wet Ellie Bishop enjoys an off day at the batting cage, ripping line drives into all fields. What does her partner, Tony DiNozzo, have planned for his day off? Trying out his new bath oil beads in the soaker tub, of course). If you watch much television you will be lead to believe that every family in America has a homosexual relative, neighbor, workmate or other acquaintance. After a time, these abnormalities spun as everyday norms wear on me and I have to turn it off. I do however enjoy a good mystery from time to time; Elementary and Person of Interest two that I follow semi-regularly.

A few nights ago I started an episode of The Mentalist that was a continuation of the previous week’s story line. LaRoche had been murdered and the killer was after Rigsby and Van Pelt. I was curious to find out what would happen next so I tuned in. I can take only so much of Patrick Jane’s smugness, but thought the payoff worth the sacrifice (I did enjoy the Red John theme of the show until he was finally dispatched). After about fifteen minutes I realized I had made a mistake. While the other FBI agents were involved in finding LaRoche’s killer, Jane and his new FBI partner, a tougher than nails female agent (whereas Jane is effete and avoids violence at all costs), were sent to Texas to investigate an unexplained death at an oil fracking site. Once I heard “Texas,” “Oil Fracking” and “dead body” in the same conversation, I had a suspicion where this was headed.

When Jane and his partner arrived at the site they visually sorted through the hard hats standing around and Jane identified the man in charge; dismissing the rest. The man asked Patrick how he knew that he was in charge and Patrick said it was because of his snake skin cowboy boots and the crease in his trousers and his overall air of superiority. When Patrick began questioning the man, the company’s CFO, it was made quite obvious that his company was responsible for the death; guilty until proven innocent. When the man objected to the inference, Patrick said, “You’re big oil. You can do whatever you want,” and then smiled that smug smile of his. The man was then on the defensive; saying that his company is only a regional company; not anything like “Big Oil”. What a lame response. Here is what I would have said, “Really. Big Oil can do whatever it wants? So how come we are constrained at every turn by government regulations? We can’t go to the bathroom without it being regulated. We’re regulated, sued, taxed, fined, you name it. It’s a wonder we can even bring a product to market. A product by the way that is needed by everyone who lives in this country. Without “Big Oil” America stops.”

Patrick is just another in a long line of useful idiots used by the left to push their liberal agenda. They own the media and the progressive drumbeat is continuous and ongoing. We are told that we need to fear “Big” things: Big Asteroids, Big Climate Change, Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Retail, Big Gun Lobby and even the Big G (God). Other than God, which of the Bigs listed above have as much power as Big Government? Who can tax us at will? Who can secretly spy on us and read our e-mails? Who can confiscate our property? Who’s trying to limit our freedom to bear arms, of speech, of religion? Who should I be afraid of; Wal-Mart that provides me with things to buy cheaper than anywhere on the planet, or the Government who has the power of the IRS , FBI, NSA and the military at their disposal? The liberals would have us believe that all the other Bigs are out to kill their customers. Really? Not much of a business model if you ask me.

Unfortunately, I didn’t stick around long enough to find out who murdered LaRoche or attacked Rigsby and Van Pelt. And how did the poor rancher, who had sued the Big Oil Company for polluting his land (never heard that one before), meet his fatal end?  My guess? Big Oil killed him and tried to cover it all up. Of course. Why didn’t I think of that one?