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Danish Americans should be offended. After all, the Minnesota professional football team mascot is a Viking;  portrayed as tough, strong, muscular, courageous, honorable, fierce; attributes that every boy should look up to and aspire to emulate. Why would you want a team of football players to have these qualities and attributes? Football is a violent game where strength, toughness, courage, and a warrior mentality are necessary to play the game, let alone excel.  Why would you choose to honor an ancient people, with a reputation as warriors, in such a way? How derogatory!

Wouldn’t it be better to pick a mascot that is less “in your face”? One that all people can relate to. One that feels comfortable wearing pink leotards, shoes, arm bands and stocking caps. Surely they didn’t have to choose Vikings as their mascot. They could have chosen a cute, furry animal. How about the muskrat? The Minnesota Muskrats! A mascot that all fans can relate to.

To have a caricature of this sort represent your ancestors is nothing if not a cold slap in the face to the entire Danish community. Did the Vikings really wear helmets with horns protruding from the top? Did all Vikings have long, blonde, braided pigtails? Did all Vikings wield swords and axes? I am offended and I’m not even Danish… or Native North American for that matter.

I haven’t seen much media coverage on this. No Danes marching through the streets in protest. No calls for the name “Vikings” to be removed. Maybe word of this outrage hasn’t been disseminated and Danish Americans just aren’t aware. Well, if they aren’t offended, then I’ll be offended for them. I demand that the Vikings change the name of their mascot! On behalf of Danish Americans everywhere, “Zygi and Mark Wilf, take down that name!”