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Since Little Heathens was released on June 18th, I’ve had many people ask me how the book is doing.  My answer has been, “I don’t know”. Well, I do know how many copies I’ve personally sold, but I don’t know how many have sold via Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books A Million, Tate Publishing, or other retail outlets. Due to the release date, I won’t see a statement of royalties from the publisher until after the third quarter, so I’m guessing maybe in mid-October.

I do know that since March I’ve been busy with marketing and continuing to spread the word via social media and word of mouth. Here is a link to a recent broadcast of an interview I did for Little Heathens on WCIU-TV’s morning show “You and Me This Morning”. This aired in the Chicago market on July 23rd. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cmOgBYiffAw&feature=c4-overview&list=UUSX8WhMhwsTGe8MeC_R3sqg

Currently I’m scheduled for another book signing in Mantorville, MN on September 14th at the County Seat Coffeehouse. I’m also scheduled for an upcoming interview with the Mokena Messenger and have arranged events with the Manhattan and Tinley Park libraries as well as a tentative book signing at the Pickwick Society Tearoom in mid-October.

So, back to the question originally posed: How’s your book doing? I don’t know, and since I really didn’t know what to expect from the beginning, I guess it’s going pretty well. If the book does great, I can give God all the credit, and if it doesn’t, I keep writing. The follow-up to Little Heathens, “Always a Little Heathen” is about halfway complete with a year-end target date.

What I can say is that people have responded very positively to Little Heathens. It has a tendency to make people smile and even laugh. The humorous, lighthearted stories take them back to their childhood and the fond memories that are seldom revisited. A fan of Little Heathens recently told me that the book is a great escape for him after he’s had a particularly hard or stressful day at work. When I talk to people about the book and some of the tales within, it is fascinating to watch the energy level escalate and the buzz in the room increase as everyone starts to tell their version of similar stories in their lives.

I was at a men’s luncheon recently and the topic of Little Heathens came up and as I began to tell some of the stories, in this case my first bicycle and how Dad taught me to ride,  the previously boring and muted luncheon turned into a loud and boisterous fun fest as each man recalled his first bike ride; similar stories all.

So far the journey with Little Heathens has been fun and rewarding and I look forward to what will happen next. I have dreams of great things for Little Heathens and only time will tell if my dreams will come true.