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In my early years of fishing, the size of the fish really didn’t matter to me; I was only concerned about quantity and was satisfied with the fight on the other end of the line, no matter how small the fish. As time went by and I noticed my brother and friends catching bigger fish and having them mounted and hung on their walls, my fishing pursuits changed. One other event changed my focus. I went on a fishing trip in Michigan one year and landed a couple of 17 pound salmon on a fly rod and from then on I was hooked (pardon the pun). Now when I fish, I constantly think about the big one, the “trophy”. Other fish just seem to get in the way.

I’ve noticed a similar phenomenon within the human species; the “trophy wife”. It was noticeable early on. Why did the quarterback of the football team always seem to have the best looking girl in school hanging on his arm? As we all got older I saw this phenomenon played out time and again. At a restaurant the other evening I saw a pretty young lady pull up in a Cadillac Escalade. Her hair was perfect, she was dressed in high-heeled leather boots, wearing fashion jeans with just the right holes strategically placed, and her physical attributes seemed to be aided with a few injections, nips, and tucks.

If she were in a zoo display, the informational sign would list her as “North American Trophy Wife” and the description might be; “Can usually be seen driving a newer model SUV and often appears at local restaurants, malls and other shopping outlets. They are known to be quite territorial and usually live in exclusive neighborhoods and reside in 3500 square foot or larger homes. They can reach heights up to 6’ but rarely exceed weights over 135 pounds. They usually only eat small quantities of healthy food in public, but are known to gorge themselves on chocolate and fast food when alone. Often accompanied by children, they are commonly seen at soccer matches and other group sporting activities.”

What must a woman feel and think, knowing that the only reason her husband desires her is because of her physical appearance; a quality that will surely disappear over time. That explains the injections, nips, and tucks. She always has to look just right; after all she’s a “trophy”. Now, how does this observation make the men in our society look? Superficial is an apt description. But is this label only reserved for men? I suggest to you today that women are just as superficial and many work for years to land their “trophy husband”.

I noticed this particular phenomenon at about the same time as I did the football quarterback and good-looking girl pairing. Only this time it was the girls being attracted to the guy in school who just happened to be born into a family with money and who often times had the hottest, most expensive car in the school. It wasn’t his money, but by association he benefited greatly. I noticed too that these boys weren’t necessarily the best looking in the available guy pool (at least the girls weren’t being superficial in regard to looks).

As the years progressed, the phenomenon was still evident. This species of man, if found in a zoo, would have this informational sign; “North American Trophy Husband” and the description on the sign might read; “Can be expected to have a really high paying job that keeps him away from home frequently. He is often times rather plain-looking and can be expected to have a receding hairline and in some cases is completely bald. With age and the stress of career, his hair is often gray and he can be expected to have a well-rounded tummy, sometimes spilling over his belt. Whereas his wife is equipped with an SUV, he most often drives a sports car in the BMW or Mercedes lines. He too is territorial and lives in exclusive, gated communities and is usually only seen on Saturdays at the local soccer matches or other sporting events.” It seems that men aren’t the only ones who are superficial. How must a man feel to know that the only reason his wife desires him is because of his bank account or portfolio?

There will always be trophy wives with boob jobs and tummy tucks, trying to stay one step ahead of “father time”, and there will always be trophy husbands with large bank accounts and country club memberships, working themselves near to death in order to maintain their status. I think these two deserve one another.