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To all who have enjoyed  my writings and are interested in my book, I have an update to the original announcement concerning  Little Heathens. The book is now available through the publishers website at  this link:


I’ve included here the foreword from the book, which should give you a good idea of the book’s content.


            Over the years I’ve had numerous conversations with friends and co-workers regarding our school days, childhood, our growing up times. Inevitably I would end up telling a story about my brother, sisters and myself and some of the predicaments in which we found ourselves. The reactions were varied; uncontrolled laughter, blank stares of disbelief and even the occasional walking away while shaking their head (after reading this book, you too may find some of these stories leading you to shake your head; I certainly do, and I was there).

            Another phenomenon would occur whenever the four of us were together and we began reminiscing and reliving our adventures. On one such occasion we were at a restaurant following a major family event (in this case a funeral) and the entire family; nephews, nieces, aunts, and uncles were seated at a large table. The tenor within the restaurant was the normal buzz of people eating dinner and chatting, when all of a sudden we began telling our tales. The people at our table were soon cracking up with laughter as each tale was told. As the hilarity increased, so did the volume. Soon, those around were seen bending their ears to catch a little of the stories and they too would be seen smiling and chuckling to themselves (it may have been the stories, but could have been the spectacle that we’d become). All of these were common reactions to our family adventures.

            Not all of those that I’ve spoken to over the years had fond memories of their childhood. I’ve never understood that feeling. I absolutely had a wonderful childhood, from the time I can remember, all the way through high school. Whether I was playing in the neighborhood or going to school, it all seemed like one grand adventure. For this reason and those listed above, I decided to share these stories with a broader audience. I find great joy in bringing the same to others.

            This is a story of four little kids growing up together in an era when life was a little more innocent and kids entertained themselves, if they were going to be entertained. We were mischievous, ornery, fun loving, high energy kids; not unlike most other kids. As my wife would sit and listen to these stories being told she would often remark, “You guys were little heathens”; thus the title of this book.


Here are some excerpts from the book posted on this blog:




Thanks to all who have read and shared their enjoyment.