For the past couple of months I’ve utilized Facebook to share some of my ideas and stories with my friends. I’ve written stories of inspiration, nostalgia, political satire and shared excerpts from the soon to be released book, “Little Heathens”. The feedback I’ve received has been encouraging and the material floating around in my head seems to be endless. Because Facebook does not protect my work, it’s been suggested that I start a blog. So here we go.
For those that have been reading my tales, thank you for following me here. For those that are new, welcome. Bear with me as I get used to this new format. I will try to keep the stories new and fresh as long as the material keeps coming. Along the way I will post a few more excerpts from “Little Heathens” so that you can get a feel for the book currently being published. I love feedback so if you would like to comment, feel free. I love the interaction and will make every effort to respond.